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...New in the neighborhood, but also just back in business.

Unreleased Sessions Vol. 1 CD

New in the neighborhood, but also just back in business, J-Wess drops in this trunk – rattling mix of unreleased classics, which he defines himself as “atemporal shards of my own persona, fueled with sounds engineered to waft out over barbecues. No matter when you listen, you will know that something is gonna be reborn from it”.

UNRELEASED SESSIONS VOLUME. 1  is out now, bringing his masterpieces back for people to enjoy. A prestigious concoction of old-school revivalism,  loaded to the brim with meticulously hand-crafted sparkling samples for every music fan wanting. That gets you thinking, is this an old unforgettable song, or something completely new.

If you’re ready to spend the day partying to the greatest hits of this pre-paid dose of trunk – rattle, click the add to cart button now and feel the rewards of a studio rat given free reign.

Not available on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else! 

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